A Must Know About Dancing In Bed During Sex


dancing in bed


Today I want us to look at dancing in bed during sex. This is one issue that is hot in marriages and brings conflicts and some end up cheating because their wife is not dancing. But, what is dancing in bed, how does one dance and what are are its benefits.

First and foremost, sex is spiced up by dancing and when I say that, I don't mean that only women should be doing so. The thing that couples should understand is that sex or love making involves two, so it is the work of both to dance. Both men and woman must participate in dancing and not only women.

What is dancing in sex?

Dancing is simply making erotic and sexual movements whilst making love commonly known as ukunyenga in Bemba. It is also following sexual rhythms as a result of enjoying the sweetness of sex.

How to dance for great sex

Dancing requires two things skill and sexual music. When I say skill, I means people making love must understand what works out in bed for their spouses, and move together slowly but sure whilst communicating. If the lady is dancing clockwise ,a man must go anticlockwise and vise versa. In the process creating sexual music(Rhythms of sex).The more a man creates music the more a lady dances, and they enjoy together. Remember it takes two to tangle.

Importance of dancing in bed

Dancing is important because

√ It shows you are making love together
√ it motivates your husband
√ it makes sex sweeter always
√ It shows that a woman is cultured and mature in marriage

Benefits of dancing

Dancing without a rhythm is total madness. Probable benefits are
√ Both parties move together and enjoy
√ Both parties get motivated and perform well
√ love making is more sweeter when dancing is involved
√ No complaints in love making
√ orgasm and Cummings are intense
√.Cause people to scream and make promises, even fake ones lol

NB: Ladies! men may stop dancing when Cumming, but continue if you want to make him cry
Sex is nice people
why dancing is important during sex

why women dance during sex

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