How to Make a Girl Addicted to You

 Do you want to know how to make a girl addicted to you?

Just imagine the power you’d have:

She wants to sleep with you all the time and do everything for you. 

That doesn’t sound too bad. Unfortunately, most guys will never experience this joy. If they only knew how easy it is to turn a mildly attracted girl into your devoted lover. 

beautiful woman wants you sexually

Most men think it’s about luck, money, or good looks.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Making a woman addicted to you has absolutely nothing to do with your credit card or your biceps.

What about luck? Don’t make me laugh!

It’s all about doing the right things, saying the right words, and understanding what causes women to devote their life, their body, and their soul to a man.

It’s a proven system that contains:

  • The playfulness of a young boy.
  • The spontaneity of an adventurer.
  • The sex secrets of a male porn star.

Are you ready to discover these secrets?

Then you’re ready for the three core principles…

The Core Principles That Make Any Girl Addicted to You

Ask yourself this question:

What kind of man can a woman be addicted to?

Really think about it. Don’t just say a sincere man or a friendly man…or worse, a nice guy. Being sincere and friendly are positive qualities. There’s no doubt about that. But let’s face it.

bald nice guy

"Can I write a love song for you and color your toenails?"

That’s not the drug she needs.

Here’s what her hormones really want:

  • A man who is confident.
  • A man who is dominant.
  • A man who is charming,

That’s the kind of man she’s addicted to.

Are you ready to become this man?


1. Make Her Addicted with Confidence  

What are some qualities of a confident man?

  • He speaks his truth.
  • He has clear boundaries.
  • He does what he intends to do.

Spineless men are like the anti-drug. 

They are not addictive. They are repellent. You want to be the cocaine she wants to snort every day. Confidence is like a magnet. The more you have, the more intense a woman will fall for you.

So speak your truth and don’t take shit from anybody.

2. Make Her Addicted with Dominance 

You want to know how to make a girl addicted to you, right?

Then be a dominant lion!

Women are sick and tired of feminized men who smile like retards while holding a bottle of soy milk in the camera. That’s not what women want. Women want masculine men and no, I’m not talking about big muscles and Santa Claus beards.

Being dominant is an internal quality, not an external mask.

lay down the mask
  • You lead her every step along the way.
  • You make the important decisions.
  • You nurture her femininity.

Do this and you’re like a drug for the hottest girls.

3. Make Her Addicted with Charm  

What does a charming guy do?

Being charming is about more than having a bright smile. It’s a mixture of many qualities and truly charming men are rare. George Clooney is the perfect example. He’s the definition of charming. 

Here’s why women all over the world fantasizes about him:

  • He walks and talks like a king.
  • He smiles like a naughty boy.
  • He’s playful like a child.

A man who combines the heart of a child with the soul of a man is an addictive drug that women can’t get enough of.

How to Make a Girl Addicted to You with This Behavior  

So…what can you do to make a girl addicted to you?

You know that confidence, dominance, and charm are the core principles. But these are no specific techniques.

You want hands-on advice you can use today.

Let me show you how to behave in a way that makes it impossible for women to resist you…

4. Be Playful Like a Boy in a Sandbox 

What do young boys do when they play in a sandbox?

  • They are fully present.
  • They use their imagination.
  • They laugh whenever they want.
playful boy

He is the true seduction master

Believe it or not, but as seducers we can learn a lot from children. Have the playfulness of a child and you’ll have women in your life. That’s for sure. Women are drawn to men who make them laugh…and who don’t take themselves so seriously.

Here’s something I learned from Sasha Daygame, one of my earliest mentors:

A five-second piggy back ride beats a two-hour conversation.

Do crazy shit and she’ll feel alive again.

5. Crack the Jokes Other Guys are Afraid to Crack

Learning how to make a woman addicted to you is NOT politically correct.

At least it shouldn’t be.

Yes, you can be the nice guy and crack jokes that wouldn’t offend a nun. But that’s boring. All the other guys already do that. Nowadays everyone’s afraid to say something offensive.

I have news for you:

Women love politically incorrect humor!

The absolutely love it. They don’t want pussyfied men who play it safe. Playing it safe is for government officials who wear beige pants. You’re a Global Seducer.

Stop playing it safe and tell your most inappropriate jokes.

She’ll love it because it proves that you don’t care what other people think of you.

6. Do Your Own Thing without Asking for Permission  

Is it selfish to do your own thing?

Well, maybe. But who cares?

Women love selfish men.

Okay, let me rephrase that. Women love men who selfishly pursue their goals and dreams, but who are altruistic when it comes to giving back. Yeah, that hits the nail on the head.

Here’s what most guys do:

  • They change their plans when she calls.
  • They betray their mission for girls.
  • They want to please women.

It’s okay to please women in the bedroom, but when it comes to your goals and you mission in life, your time is more important than her desire to go to the movies. And yes, she wants a man who prioritizes his time.

man getting girl addicted t oyou

"Sorry, but I don't have time for the beach. I'm busy"

Why do you think so many married men complain that their wife wastes their time AND doesn’t want sex?

Allow her to waste your time and she’ll stop wanting you. It’s female logic but that’s how it is. Do your own thing and women will chase you to the end of the world.

7. Be a Spontaneous Adventurer 

Adventurers are like drugs for women.

  • Han Solo gets Princess Leia.
  • Indiana Jones gets girls who hate him.
  • James Bond gets every woman in every movie.

These men are adventurers. And no, I don’t want you to jump out of airplanes or fly the Millennium Falcon…even though the latter would be awesome. But no, being adventurous is much simpler than that.

You just have to be different than all the other boring guys.

  • How about swimming naked in the lake? 
  • How about a spontaneous road trip?
  • What about a surprise picnic?

These are the simple things that make her heart beat faster.

8. Don’t Give up After the First Attempt  

Persistence is a drug.

Of course, I’m not talking about being persistent when a girl clearly said “no” or “leave me alone you creep.” You have to respect that. I don’t want you to read this article and end up in court saying “it was Sebastian’s idea”.

law of attraction

"Sir, you got officially fucked by the law of attraction!"

I want you to be persistent when…

  • She rejects your first attempt to kiss her with a smile.
  • She giggles while you try to touch her breasts.
  • She moans while you unclip her bra.

Don't give up after the first attempt. 

These situations are made for persistent men. Quitting is for losers and she knows it. A woman doesn’t reject your kissing attempt with a smile to hurt you. She wants to see if you try it again.

How to Make a Woman Addicted to You with These Words 

Your actions are one side of the coin.

What about your words?

Words have power. They are the reason why you’re still reading this article. You could jerk off or set your cat on fire instead. These little bastards are addictive.

Imagine how amazing it would be to make girls addicted with your words.

  • One expression can cause a smile.
  • One sentence can lead to a kiss.
  • One word and she’s naked.

Does that sound too good to be true?

Well, it’s the truth…

9. Give Her the Compliments She Craves 

“Hey, you look really beautiful.”

It’s a solid compliment. I used it a gazillion times. But it’s not what you’re here for. You’re here because you want to know how to make a girl addicted to you. I hate to say it, but “you’re beautiful”, “you’re gorgeous”, and “you look really nice” are not that powerful…especially the last one.   

Have a look at the following compliments:

  • “You can’t imagine what thoughts you put in my head."
  • “There’s something about you that drives me wild.”
  • “If you knew the effect you have on me.”

What do these compliments have in common?

They don’t reveal everything.

They allow her brain to create all kinds of naughty images. She doesn’t know what it is that drives you wild and what effect she has on you. She also doesn’t know what images you have in your head. She can’t see them.

But she wants to experience every single one of those images…

10. Tell Her She’s a Good Girl  

There’s something about this word.

I can’t really describe it. You have to experience it for yourself. Say “good girl” to her and you’ll know how to get a girl addicted to you. This expression is more powerful than any other word, sentence, or love letter.

giggling girl

The power of "good girl"

You just have to use it the right way.

You can’t just walk up to a random girl on the street and approach her with “good girl”. She’ll think you’re mentally retarded. This is not the time and the place for these two powerful words.

It’s all about the perfect timing:

  • She gives you a massage.
  • You just kissed her.
  • She gets naked.

These are the situations where “good girl” can make all the difference…especially when you whisper it in her ear.

11. Talk Her on an Emotional Rollercoaster

Seduction is about emotions.

Most men try to chase women with logic. But seducing a woman is not a job interview. Your CV doesn’t mean shit. Your ability to trigger emotions means the world.

But it’s not just about positive emotions.

The best seducers put girls on an emotional rollercoaster by…

  • Sharing intense and controversial stories.
  • Sharing truly traumatic experiences.
  • Sharing their happiest moments.

The rollercoaster goes up. Then it goes down. And then it goes up again. That’s how you make a woman addicted to you. It’s not about being positive and smiley all the time. It’s about being raw and unfiltered.

You could say that it’s about being human in world where everyone wears a mask of perfection.  

12. Don’t Say What She Wants to Hear  

Speaking of perfection…

You want to make a good first impression, right?

Forget about good. You want to make the perfect impression. That’s why you’re careful. You don’t want to say anything that could offend her. The left side of your brain wants to play it safe…and the right side knows that it’s a bad idea.

Here’s what most guys do on dates:

  • They agree with everything she says.
  • They change their opinions way too fast.
  • They say “me too” until they feel like shit.
depressed man on couch

"Shit, I've done it again...."

Yes, you’ll feel like shit if you betray your values and your opinion. And guess what? The ladies don’t like it. A man who chooses this path is as addictive as foot fungus. No woman on earth wants that. Women want real men.

Real men say what they think and feel and that’s what makes them addictive.

13. Reward Her for Being a Good Girl 

She’s a good girl, right?

Then reward her for it!

Women are like flowers. If you don’t give them water, they’ll wither. Feminine energy craves for masculine validation. You have to reward her for being a good girl. Otherwise, she’ll turn into a bad girl…and not in a good way.

Reward is like a drug for women.

Make her feel good about the things she does for you and she’ll do more. This is true for washing the dishes and for pleasing you. You can reward her with words, with actions, or with your eyes. The possibilities are limitless.      

Here are some things I love to do:

  • Tell her that you’re a lucky guy.
  • Kiss her and say “you’re amazing.”
  • Undress her and say “you deserve it."

Beta men reward their lovers and girlfriends with expensive presents. Alpha males reward their girlfriends and lovers with their sexual presence.


How to Make a Girl Sexually Addicted to You 

Enter the bedroom.

I showed you how to make women addicted to you, no matter where you are. Now it’s time for the last stage. She’s at your place and it’s about to happen. She wants to sleep with you.  

A couple of thoughts are racing through your head:

  • What if she doesn’t enjoy it?
  • What if she lays there like a wood plank?
  • What if she doesn’t want to see me again?

Oh God, this reminds me of this one girl.

She was laying there like a wood plank. And no, I didn’t use the Bill Cosby approach. She was totally into me and everything was consensual. But she was shy. She was so shy that she couldn’t move.

Do you want to know the one thing that could have changed everything?

14. Encourage Her to Be Sexually Confident  

Women are used to three types of guys:

  • 1
    The guy who only cares about his pleasure.
  • 2
    The guy who judges her for being sexual.
  • 3
    The guy who isn’t sexual at all.

There are men that combine all three qualities. I coached many of them and I’m proud to say that I saved hundreds of men from becoming MGTOW or from driving trucks into crowds. Needless to say...none of these three types of guys is addictive.

make girl addicted to you

Here’s what every woman craves:

  • She wants a guy who cares about her pleasure.
  • She wants a guy who encourages her to be bad.
  • She wants a guy who is confident with his sexuality.

Here’s the truth:

Women are way more sexual, naughty, and kinky than any man. I met girls who asked me to do stuff with them that no porn producer on earth could imagine.

How is that possible?

Well, I encouraged them to show me the side they don’t show other men. I allowed them to release their inner slut…the one she hides from the world.

Once a girl is freed, she can’t be stopped.  

15. Get Her Off Before You Get in 

At this stage, she doesn’t want to stop. She wants more.

Unfortunately, most guys can’t give her more. According to a study about men’s ejaculation time, the average guy lasts about five minutes. That’s not exactly a marathon. And even though I trained myself to last longer than twenty minutes, I admit that it’s not always possible.

  • I haven’t had sex for more than a week. I last ten minutes.
  • I sleep with a woman for the first time. I come in five minutes.
  • I sleep with her for the first time AND she’s a model. Two minutes is the goal.

Yep, it happens. Sometimes you’re so horny that you can’t control yourself. I mean, after five years of marriage, you can last an hour. With a new girl you last less than five minutes. That’s how nature designed us.

But there’s one thing you can do about it:

Make her come before you let your little (sorry, long) friend in her wet cave. That’s the secret. You can use your fingers, your tongue, a vibrator or a jackhammer. Do whatever it takes to give her this sweet orgasm.

A post-orgasmic woman doesn’t care if it takes one minute or one hour. She’s happy.   

16. Find Out What She Likes and Do More of It  

Here’s how to make a girl addicted to you…the easy way:

Satisfy her addiction!

Everyone has a fetish. Everyone has something they like in bed. Find out what it is for her and do it over and over again. Give her more of the stuff she loves and she’ll give you more of whatever you want her to do.

woman addicted to you

She's waiting for you

I remember this one girl:

  • She got horny whenever I slapped her ass.
  • I did it whenever she didn’t expect it.
  • She turned into an animal.

I surveyed my readers and asked them about their sticking points, problems, and goals. I found out what you need. Then I wrote the book and now it has already changed the lives of hundreds of guys.

Do the same with her fantasies and she’ll become sexually addicted to you.


Do you want to know how to make a girl addicted to you? Confidence is the king, dominance your queen, and charm is your knight. You have to do and say things that make her crave for more. Playfulness can be the answer.

Be like a young boy, an adventurous young boy. Do your own thing and don’t look back. It’s your life. Invite her on the journey but don’t hide your opinion. An irresistible man speaks his truth and isn’t afraid to offend.

What about making her sexually addicted? Encourage her for being the slut she wants to be. And make her come before you have fun. Oh, and don’t forget to find out what she likes. Her desire is the key that opens the door to her pleasure center.

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