How i Seduced and Fucked my Teacher

sex with my teacher

Today i want to tell a sweet story how i seduced my teacher and fucked so nicely. Upto now she still call me for some kisses and sex. Guess what do not tell my mom. Listen now attentively 

Hey this is my first time so go easy on me. So It all started back in 12 grade with my Chemistry teacher. The students hated her because she was vey strict and had a bit ego. She was in her late 30s or Early 40s White Skin Black Hair, Fresh face, big boobs and 38 inch size ass. Well the class hated her because of her attitude, so sometime passed i wasnt doing good at her Subject so she invited me to her house for tutoring.

She greeted me i went in then i was sitting at the study table she brought books for study when she bent down to put the books on the table her cleavage was showing i was staring at her cleavage and she saw me She immediately said that this is in appropriate and i should be a better person.
My dick went hard and she went to the kitchen she was standing back i mean her back was facing me i dont know what got into me i stood up and walked towards her
I touched her ass she immediately reacted and said “what the fuck are you doing” i said that dont panic this is good for both of us in reply she said that my husband is gonna kill you bitch . I didnt listen just started seductively touched her she rebelled a bit.Anyways i just kissed her that made her rebellious go away and she just went with the flow i was grabbing her tits and ass Eventually i picked her and just took her in to her bedroom she was married by the way.

I just put her on bed and she said ” this wasn’t suppose to happen ” i said trust me we both gonna love this and then she said ” well all of this has started to then lets just finish it”. Then she said ” you little boy would cum in just a second” and she took her cloths of Man she was smoking hot her tits was free her ass and her pussy was shaved too And then she came near me to undo my pants she said” lets look at this disappointment ” as soon as she un do my pants she was at shocked looking at my black dick her eyes were wide open. She even took a inch tape from her drawer to measure it and she said “its so big” i was like really? She said “of course you are bigger than my husband” i was 18 and had 7 incher at the time. Now at this point i am horny as fuck and i didn't wanted to cum early and i was still a virgin at the time.She just grabbed my cock first lick its head and then she tried putting her mouth
She said ” that’s fucking big i cant even fit it properly” then she started sucking my dick my it felt so good i pulled her hair back touching her cheeks her tits and ass.

I pushed her face bit deep so cover up my cock she was loving it, then she got off i kissed her and started sucking on her nipples and she was just moaning and saying make me “make me feel good show me how much you want me “. Then i laid her in missionary position and started eating her pussy doing everything that i saw in porn and she said ” oh GOD you make me feel so good my husband has never did anything like this”

Then finally i entered my dick in her and she moaned so loud oh baby she started saying ” oh MY GOD IT’S SO BIG OH MY GOD YES” first i slowly started fucking her at the same kissing and sucking her nipples. Once i got the rhythm i started going fast and she was going wild.
I found her G spot and constantly aiming at it that gave her orgasm so good then i took out me dick and started titty fucking her she even tired to cover my dick with her tits but couldn’t cover it for this she said ” its so fucking big my tits can’t even cover it” i said ” you are fucking hot just remember that “.

doggy style with my teacher

We tired to much shit Doggy style i was fucking her like a cave man grabbing her ass slapping her ass grabbing her tits going wild and she got an orgasm from that too.

Then finally she got on top of me riding my dick i was sucking her tits and going ham it her pussy and i finally she said ” I AM GONNA CUM I AM GONNA CUM ” I was about to cum so i just went max speed at we just came at same time. She collapsed on me i was just done.
I looked at her and kissed her passionately
We just laid there and then she said” that was the best sex ever had in my life ” i said ” i am glad that a virgin made you say that” she replied ” you are a virgin wow . If you are virgin then fuck Jabeen(her hubby ) that he couldnt make me cum like this” i said ” how big his dick is ” she said ” barely 5 inches”.

my teacher is horny seduced her
She is so sweet guys😍

Half an hour passed i got up got dressed and was about to leave because Her husband could come any moment she dropped me to my home which was not far away and she said ” see you again but dont tell any one about us” i said ” i got you ” before getting of i kissed her and got off the car.

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